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" In these pages you will find an inspiring vision of “Sustainable Living” Discover how with thoughtful planning and intellegent design, intentionally sustainable communities can provide energy and food security, while working in concert with nature. See how sustainable structures can heat and cool themselves, collect their own water, and provide their own green energy. Explore how you and your family can save time, energy, and money by making good use of green technology in your home and life. " - Garnet McPherson - Visioneer

Here you can read about how intentionally sustainable communities founded in permaculture principles are designed to meet human needs by using a nature-based approach to healthy and sustainable living without damaging the environment.

Read about how these marvelous home designs fit into a holistic and symbiotic relationship with its landscape and the rest of the community. See human accommodations that live completely within their solar income, homes that are able to both heat and cool themselves. Discover how to build healthy homes that can eliminate toxins and carcinogens present in the average North American house. Learn how integrating a greenhouse into your home design, can provide fresh, organic produce throughout the year.

Learn how by combining sustainable approaches to Agriculture, Education, Enterprise, Recreation and Culture, Earthworks helps to create truly healthy and sustainable communities and lifestyles.

If you are a town planner or administator for local municipalities you will be glad to see how many of these approaches to community develoment reduce the load on municipal infrastructures.

Earthworks Sustainable Design Solutions

Earthworks Sustainable Design Services is a group professionals that are providing project planning, design and development services for intentionally sustainable communities.

Our Dream - Many of us have held a dream of living in a world created by conscious decisions, which can lead us to a point where the human footprint has a positive impact and actually restores natural systems. The desire is to be part of a healthy community that is doing it “the right way”, and dealing with our social, economic and environmental issues in an enlightened manner.

Our Vision - By planning today for the world we want tomorrow we ensure this and future generations will have a planet and a community that can continue to provide what humans need to thrive. Earthworks envisions a world of empowered people and communities, designing pathways to a sustainable future, while building bridges of hope for the global biosphere and its communities.

" We vision an evolution of human culture that creates world where mankind can live in harmony with the natural world. A future where our communities provide sustainable and healthy places for us to live and to grow. A society that reflects our interdependance on the bio-sphere which provides us with our life support systems. A world that integrates sustinability into every aspect of our life and future." - Garnet McPherson - Visioneer

Our Mission - At Earthworks our mission is simply to plant the seeds of positive eco-social culture in communities around our the world. Our purpose is to facilitate the evoluion of a sustainable human culture by spreading intelegent and envronmentally responsible solutions, one community at a time. Our goal is that Earthworks projects can help to sow the seeds of an eco-cultural evolution that can ensure the future of mankind.

Our Plan - Our dream has begun to come true, as small groups of committed people set out to create intentional communities with the vision in mind of integrating the best practices for sustainable and healthy living into a holistic approach to community design. Earthworks Developed Projects are designed to demonstrate best practice strategies for long-term energy and food security, while creating healthy environments for humans to inhabit. They are also designed to share the culture of Sustainable Living to support a better future. The success of these projects tends to influence to the surrounding communiities. As better ideas are seeded in minds and hearts in communities, sustainable solutions begin to grow and spread beyond the bounds of our projects. That is our measure of success.

Our Team - Guided by the work of renowned environmentalist Garnet McPherson and inspired by the visionary permaculturist Bill Molsen, Earthworks was created to address the major challenges of our time. Earthworks is a solution-focused, eco-cultural design consultancy, a dedicated team of multi diciplined professionals which has been researching and developing sustainable-living techniques, technologies and culture for over 30 years.

Our Inspiration - The founder of the Earthworks is Garnet McPherson. As some of you may know, he is driven to find solutions to the big challenges of our time. He is very concerned for the future of our Bio-Shere and the Human Species. Garnet created the Eco Earthwalk Eco Education Center and was the editor of Sustainable Living Magazine. a partner in Natural Buildings. He designed zero emision vehicle technology for Eco Wheels, as well as ground breaking passive solar heating and cooling systems for Earthworks. He is the chief landscape archetect for Edible Landscapes and regenerative agriculture consultant for Gourmet Farms.

Garnet was inspired by time spent with David Suzuki and working with Al Gore on Climate Reality Canada. He learned a great deal from his time spent with researcher, author, scientist and biologist. Bill Mollison who is credited with being the grandfather of modern Permaculture. Garnet is a passionate advocate for developing eco communities to spread eco culture far and wide. Garnet assembled and leads our team of eco consultants who have worked on this mission for over 30 years. He sees each community project as a potential seed that can grow and spread sustainable culture. In addition to his role co-ordination our design team Garnet is currently working on developing an innovation centre on Vancouver Island to train leaders from around the world in Sustainable Community Development.

Our Experience - As part of our original research into sustainable solutions, starting in the 1990's, members of our team visited and documented over 100 intentional communities and projects around the world. Our objective was to take note of what was working well and not so well in the eco communities we visited. Earthworks design process for sustainable communities has been greatly informed buy this body of knowledge and its ongoing research projects. This experience has contributed and continues to contribute imeasurably to our designs for both our urban and rural community projects. We have designed a wide range of intentionally sustainable projects across the country from eco homes, edible landscapes and organic farms, to community parklands, green arts and sports facilities, to commercial business locations, and media studios. From a front yard food forest to entire eco villages we have designed around many different purposes. All have been designed designed with permaculture principles and sustainable and values at their core.

The Current Reality - We must face the reality that we live in a world where poor decision-making has led us to the brink of a dangerous eco social crisis. From the climate crisis, to a dramatic loss of our bio-diversity, to increased levels of toxins in our air, water and soil. We have serious problems to solve. We are witnessing environmental changes that have put entire ecosystems on the verge of collapse. Our planet has already entered into its next mass extinction event with over 20,000 species going extinct each year and the rate of extinction is climbing. We have serious challenges that threaten life as we know it on planet earth. The worst thing we can do about this crisis ... is nothing. The writing on the wall has become a billboard and we ignore it at our peril. The deniers in our society unfortunetly have slowed our response to this enviromental crisis. Only ignoring these issues, can turn the story mankinds journey from overcoming challenges into an existential tradgedy.

The Challange - Many of us are disillusioned with the paths our culture has been travelling and frutstrated at how slow the mainstream is moving towards commons sense sustainable solutions. Over time we have seen fundimental changes in our world. Our society has become largly dominated by corporate agendas that place profits over people and the planet. Unfortenetly that trend has impacted on the very things we need to support life on this planet. As Charles Darwin pointed out, being responsive to changes is critical to a species survival. It is easy see the needs for healthier and more sustainable ways of living, but not so easy to effect change in the institutions that to a large extent shape our world. Yes in democracies we can vote for better public policy but the political wheels of change can seem to turn in slow motion. This conflicts with our growing sense of urgency to see solutions that we can touch, see and feel. Many people feel it is time to take personal responsibility for the life we are living and take control of what you can change now to improve our life. Here at Earthworks we are totally aware that it is time to take informed and tranformative action to transform our lives and our communtities. It is time to take control of how we live now. In fact, nothing less will do. The team at Earhwalk can help you take back that control and make smart choices that can make your life and our future better.

Our Solution - Earthworks has set out to inform, inspire and empower transitions to sustainable communities. To informs our design process with the best approaches for both rural and urban intentional communities, Earthworks invested decades researching best practices for sustainable living in dozens of countries. Then to facilitate the greening of both existing and new communities we created the Earthworks Sustainable Design Service, a multi diciplined team of specialists that can help you enhance your families lifestyle by designing sensable healthy homes and sustainable communities where living a better life is woven into the design of your community.

We do this through a development system which integrates the social, ecological and economic needs of each community. Our permaculture focused site plans most often integrate design elements that support clean water, food and energy security, education, green enterprise development, waste management, eco tourism and recreatiional facilities, eco transportation, health and wellness facilities all surrounded and nurished by food forest landscapeing. As a result, over the last 30 years, Earthworks has designed wide variety of intentional communities, and have acted as consultants on a wide spectrum of community development projects from parkland to cultural and sports facilitites

Our Services - The challenges of creating an intentional community can be daunting. However the Earthworks team has already cleared the trail and can guide you on that journey. Today we can provide information about best practices, eco community development training, as well as project planning, design and development services for intentionally sustainable community projects. We provide a wide range of support services for those who are dedicated to demonstrating principles and practices of sustainability in their lifestyles and communities.

Over the years we have designed dozens of eco projects from green homes and landscapes to purpose built facilities and sustainable communities. Each one had unique objectives. The wide range of intentional communities we have designed may have had many different purposes, but all have sustainable principles at their core.

Sustainable By Design - Based on the observation of natural systems and utilizing ecological principles to increase diversity and productivity of local human ecosystems our Permaculture Design Process is built upon an ethic of caring for the earth and interacting with the environment in mutually beneficial ways. At Earthworks we use ecology as the basis for designing integrated systems for community development. We design sustainable human habitats that are sync natural eco-systems. Permaculture designs incorporate food, energy, and shelter for people and animals while linking the needs and outputs of each element of the system. The result is a dynamic yet stable system that sustains itself.

Are Your Worried About The Challenges We Face In A Changing World?

Our Security? - Between pandemics, environmental disasters, economic melt downs, inflaton, resession, floods, fires, droughts, and the resulting breakdown of supply chains and even law and order, we seem to have had a lot more to deal with each year. More to think about, more to understand and more to a prepare for. Are you worried about the security of your water and food supplies, your energy or your heat, your shelter or employment? Are you concerned that a natural disaster caused by our rapidly intensifying climate crisis, could turn you life upside down or threaten the well being of your family? If so your are not alone.

How Can We Survive and Thrive?

Our Decisions - The time to design and create these foundational changes to human culture is no longer in the future. It is now. We need to tranform how we relate to the world we live in. We need to change how we relate to and enguage with to ourselves, our homes and our communtities, our eco systems and ultimetly to the world we live in.

To win this war for the survival of the human species and our co-residents on this planet we will need to draw on all our creative solving abilities and enguage and mobilize communities and nations from around the world to contribute to global rethinking of almost everything we have created since the industrial revolution. We need to invite all stake holders to join in this movement toward the creation of a truly sustainable global culture.

"The time for debate is over. We only have time to act. We need to be diligent students of sustainable living if we are to transform our values, our laws, our social structures and ultimately our culture, and create a healthy and sustainable future for our planet and for the generations to come. We need to protect and nurture the quality of our water, our air and our soil that we depend upon. We need to change the way we grow food, create structures, do business, and move energy, people and commodities through our communities. We need to take action where we can make the most difference. Our work on local solutions will have global impacts. By changing how we honor our bodies, our homes, our communities and our environment we are in effect also sowing the seeds for a shift in the broader human culture. A shift in the way we live and the kind of communities we create, can change the future for all of us. " - Garnet McPherson - Visioneer

Our Transition - Changes can be difficult but mankind has risen to challenge many times before. The critical nature of these changes will once again be the driving force behind our innovative approaches to problem solving. But it is a time for human culture itself to evolve. We need to preserve the richness of past human culture while we create a new and better informed culture that can ensure the future of our species and life on earth.

We all want to see intellegent change in our lifetime. For many of us there is a growing sense of urgency. Most of us have a desire to be living a healthy and sustainable life now and for too long it has seemed like there is a great deal of cultural inertia to overcome. Many of us dont want to wait for society to catch up to our personal needs for a better way of living. We certainly want a better future for our children and generations to come, but we also want to see change that improves our lives now. So while we are all working on the sustainable transitions in society, the team at Earthworks can also help us initiate transisions in our personal lives.

Planning Today For Your Tomorrow

We have invested over a decade researching best practices for sustainable living all around the world, visiting and documenting eco-social projects in dozens of countries. This research has informed our design proces for both rural and urban intentional communities. Over the last 30 years Earthworks has designed wide variety of intentional communities, and have acted as consultants on a wide spectrum of community development projects from parkland to cultural and sports facilitites.

Supporting Sustainable Community Development Globally

We are living at a unique point in the history of our planet where we have the opportunity to evolve human activity in a way that supports sustaining life on earth into the future. Tragically the ecosystems that have supported life on earth are now in parrel and we are actually living at a tipping point in human history that requires us to make a dramatic and time sensitive transition to an Eco informed and inspired society all within one generation. We need to be diligent students of sustainable living if we are to transform our values, our laws, our social structures and ultimately our culture, in our endevour to create a healthy and sustainable future for our planet and the generations to come. We need to protect and nurture the quality of our water our air and our soil. We need to change the way we grow food, create structures, do business, and move energy, people and commodities through our communities. We need to preserve the richness of past human culture while we create a new and better informed culture that can ensure the future of our species and life on earth.

Earthworks Develops Local Solutions That Impact On Global Issues while makeing our life better now.

Creating Intellegent Eco Social Communities

Creating any intentional community is a colaborative process with all the stakeholders. In an eco community your have one more partner to consider, nature. Creating an Intentional Eco Community is a wonderful opportunity to optimize your family’s lifestyle, while having an impact on global issues at the same time. Earthworks can help by designing solutions that integrate the art, the science and the culture of sustainable living. Through our intentional community incubation and design services, Earthworks projects support the movement towards Sustainable Development and Eco Culture worldwide. Every one of our projects are seeding sustainable living practices in its surrounding community and region. Our projects help to evolve our human culture and shift our society and global community towards a sustainable future.

How We Can Help You.

Meeting the needs, wants, and goals of a forming communinity can be a complex process. Many are daunted be the tasks involved, but when it is done right it is well worth the effort. The Earthworks team acts as your guides on your journey in community development. In colboration with each community we can design innovative solutions for living a healthy and sustainable life. In our experience there is a optimum matrix of community resources that tend to create succesful intentional communities that have a level of self sufficiency while also create a small environmental footprint. Here are some of the resources we can help you develop:

One Community At A Time

"In a nutshell, Our Mission is to assist in the design and development of sustainable intentional communities."- Garnet McPherson

Our years of research informs our approach as we develop techniques and utilize technologies for sustainable agriculture, housing, energy, and resource utilization. Our projects demonstrate sustainable development principles, and are examples of optimized ecologically-based development.

Our plans apply permaculture principles to provide community resources that work with (and are inspired by) our natural support systems.

Edible Forest Landscaping is utilized in our villages, which provides vegetable gardens, herb gardens and eco-orchards around the structures we build. We also design larger scale sustainable cropping systems in organic fields which utilize various approaches that can maximize healthy and productive yields.

"Our techniques and technologies implement permaculture principles that meet the needs of residents within each project we design. We can help you plan and develop solutions based on sustainable economic and lifestyle models, that incorporate food and energy security as well as resources for education, eco-business, and recreation."

Just as in nature, where there is no such thing as waste, we also endeavor to make the by-products of human activities feed or fuel other processes within our projects and the natural systems that we are so much a part of.

We are well aware that our projects exist within a community of natural organisms who are engaged in mutually supportive relationships. When we design homes or communities using a permaculture approach, we create healthy relationships with local ecosystems. Earthworks has a philosophy that reflects our “declaration of interdependence” with the natural world.

Communities That Make Uncommon Sense

By planning communities that are designed around embracing and empowering the social, ecological and economic needs of each community, we create an exceptionally healthy canvas for the growth of both the individuals that live there and the community itself. Our real work is not about the landscapes, technology and structures we work with, its about creating extraordinary opportunities for the people and the community to thrive and live up to thier true potential.

The Future of mankind must become one not of dominance over nature, but one where mankind has learned to live in a symbiotic relationship with nature. Partners that support each other like the family that we are. The communiities that Earthworks designs are founded on working with nature to provide for human needs. Each project has elements of this future woven into its physical and cultural fabric. Each community is created with the understanding that nutureing nature is fundimental to a Sustainable Future.

Together we can co-create a better future for all of us.

We have been Developing Community Projects for over three decades spread from coast to coast. They can take many forms from one house with several living units to an eco enterprise complex to 50,000 acre fully integrated communities.
We act as matchmakers between our intentional community projects and families looking for their forever oasis. All our projects are at different stages in their journey. Not all are open for new membership. Some projects are still on the drawing board, some are under development, some are under construction and some are operational but at capacity. Fortunetly some are ready for participation and are now vetting membership applications. Here are some of projects we have been working on along with notes on current investment and membership oportunities:

Sustainable Community Projects
Project Description  Stakeholders Available  Memberships Available  Location 
Learning Village  None  None  Ontario 
Growing Village  None  None  Ontario 
Sports Village  None   None   Ontario 
Elder Village  Pending  Pending  Nova Scotia 
Resort Village  None  None  Ontario 
Farm Village  None  None  British Columbia 
Media Village  Shares  Twenty  British Columbia 
Arts Village  None  None  Ontario 
Air Park Village  Pending  Pending  Ontario 
Urban Oasis Village  Shares  Three   British Columbia 
Food Forest Village  Shares  Four  British Columbia 
Survival Village  10 Acre Lots  Two   British Columbia 
Healing Village  None  None  Ontario 
Innovation Village  Shares  Fifty  British Columbia 
Music Village  Shares  Five  British Columbia 
Foodie Village  None  None  Ontario 

If you are interested in participating as a stakeholder or member in any of these projects that send us a note, telling us a bit about yourself, your skills, your vision and intentions and we can match you to opportunities to be part of existing or forming communites.

Living in any intentional community is a lifestyle choice and needs to be considered carefully as in general these communities offer much more than just a place to live. They can influence almost all the possibilities and directions that your life can take. It may sound like an easy choice to make but making a transformational life move often requires changes in expectations as well. For example: If you’re considering moving to an Eco Village, be prepared for the fact that many have specific criteria’s for membership you must meet and in some cases long waiting lists. However there are exceptions and often at the early stages of community development, a village can be much easier to participate in.

The location can also play a significant factor in the decision to move your life to an eco village. Some eco village projects are located in somewhat remote rural locations which is fine for many people. Our villages are designed to be quite comprehensive in terms of meeting the needs of it residents because we approach the community design process in a very holistic manner. Our Urban intentional community project may be very convenient to outsided goods and services but may not be completely self sufficient in all things. However some folks are less comfortable in locations that may require some effort if they need access outside resources that are only available in urban centres. So we are also have designing eco villages to be located in urban environments for those that dont want to leave the city to find a healthier and more integrated lifestyle. We support urban projects with edible landscapes to optimize their food independance.


The Quest For The Perfect Location

One if the most important components of developing an intentiionally sustainable community is finding an ideal site for its development. The site characteristics are critical but with careful research we have been able to find good location for projects in almost any region of the Country. We have spent a great deal of time and traveled thousands of miles in this beautiful country, helping projects find the perfect canvas to build on. We evaluate sites on many critereia. However with our climate changing, so to does our optimal location criteria. In Canada, we currently feel that Vancouver Island offers the most possibilities to any project with the intention to establish food and energy security. The main reason for that is parts of Vancouver Island and some of the Gulf islands enjoy Canada's only mediterainian climate. This is a huge advantage both interms of year round food production and the reduced costs fo both heating and cooling.

Our Next Project - The Goodlife Eco Village

We are now in the early stages of designing a project which will be located on the south end of Vancouver Island only minutes to downtown Victoria or short ferry ride to downtown Vancouver. If living a sustainable and healthy lifestyle in the country side but still having access to all the resources of a city near by would appeal to you, then the Goodlife Eco Village may be of interest to you. It would be located on rural land only minutes from all the resources of a major city but maintaining the healthy lifestyle of country living. This island is abundant IN natural beauty and parks abound. With over 50 trails just in greater Victoria area and bike lanes through out the town, it is easy to stay fit while enjoying the garden city.

We are currently looking for the site for The Goodlife Eco Village which we intend to be the quintessencial sustainable community designed to meet the needs of its projected residents. With a highly effective matrix of community resources that will provide not only food, water and energy security but a wealth of cultural and wellness resources it should be the most comprehensive and healthy community. A gold standard that will make it a true oasis from the modern world and a perfect place to secure your families future. So if this one interests you now is a good time to apply.

Explore Sustainable Living

Be The Change In Your Life

At this point in history, we cannot afford to get caught-up in endless debates about “doom and gloom” scenarios. It is time to create the changes in our lives that can make a difference to both ourselves and our planet.

Earthworks can design communities where one can live, work and play in harmony with the Earth, and enrich our natural ecosystems and society in a harmonious way.

Start Participating In Your Future

The future will be defined by our decisions today, so make your future what you want it to be.

Join us on our journey to create sustainable and healthy lifestyles within our communities. Planning an intentional community is a grand opportunity to learn from the past, integrate with the present, and create the kind of future that we all want. Earthworks can help!

"There are many ways to participate in Earthworks projects as students, volunteers, consultants, eco-businesses, suppliers, sponsors, developers and as shareholders."

If you or your group are looking for a healthy place to live or raise a family, or you have land that you want to develop into an intentional community, you have lots of reasons to talk with us.

If creating a sustainable future is of interest to you, then feel free to explore how you can participate in Earthworks projects. Simply drop us a note and we will be happy to connect with you!

If you would like to move to an Eco Village in the near future, then it may be a good time to take a look at our projects with a view to the lifestyle they can offer. Then take a look at the resources we designed into the plan for a recent project at the Goodlife Eco Village near Kingston Ontario. This will give you a sence of whether an Eco Village would be a good fit for you and your family. If you think it is, then simply let us know and we can keep you posted on any upcoming projects that you could participate in.

A Message From Garnet McPherson

Thank You - "The fact that you are on this website and have read this far suggests to me that you are one of the heros of our time. You care about your quaility of your life and the future we are creating with the choices we are making at this moment in time. You are corageous enough to look at the hard reality of the world as it is today and intellegent enough to know you need to consisder the choices that will shape the rest of your life. Most importantly you are mindful of the future we are creating for generations yet to come. For this I offer you my respect and gratitude."

Our Responibility - "Because we did not heed the warnings and take decisive action, the rapid changes to our Climate, our Environment and as a result our Bio-Sphere has become the greatest challenge mankind has ever faced. It changes everything! With the social, economic and environmental impacts of the climate crisis alone, it has become abundantly clear that we are in for some significant changes to the very fabric of our society. We have witnessed the Climate Crisis ripping away at the world we know. Sea levels are rising and threatening our coastal cities. Droughts and fires distroyed communities and crops and increasing desertification. Floods are distroying our roads, bridges and rail lines. The society and structures we created, that took generations to build, are starting to disapear in our rear view mirror. The world all that infrastructure was built for, simply no longer exists. Now at the sametime we are working on trying to reverse the climate changes, we have to adapt to the changes already in front of us. The challenge remains that we need to rethink and rebuild a society that is designed for a world that is rapidly changing before our eyes. We need a global effort to green our planet again. But for all of us it all starts with how we live our lives today and tommorow. Organizations like Earthworks can help us make these transitions in tangable terms that can improve our lives and collectivly our future."

Our Destiny - "There is no backup team for us. We are it. No one else is going to fix this for us. Just as it has always been our "Decisions will Determin Our Destiny" We have created a load of problems all driven by the same engine. Together they have significant momentum. We are the only ones that can stop this train of issues from taking us over the cliff. That tipping point is on the horizon. But it is approching faster than most of us have been present to. This is our time for heroic acts. We need to climb over the boxcars of challenges to get to the engine and reach for the emergency brakes. To achieve this first need to understand that we are the only species that can make this happen. We need to take responsibility for creating both the problems and the solutions. We will need to make personal, social, and systemic changes to the way we live on earth. The existential threats to human existance that we are facing today, are complex and and interwoven. However they are all being pulled by the same engine. Our misguided relationnships with nature. The changes that are in motion in our world, are pushing us beyond the need for adaption. These rapidly accelerating changes are now driving the need for substantial and fundimental changes to the way live and our relationship with our eco systems. Systems that are vital to supporting and sustaining life on earth. We can do this. I happen to believe that our Destiny could be to become heroc stewards for the wellbeing of each other and the planet. All we need to do is decide to. For me this is not a hard choice to make, but it is time sensitive. Before us is a one time opportunity to make that so. What ever actions we take, we just need to embrace the truth and understand one thing.... NOW IS OUR TIME TO SHINE" Garnet McPherson - Earthworks Visioneer

Our Crisis - It has become hard for anyone not to see the signs of our enviromental crisis all around us. The impact of these changes are compounding and increasing. We are now wittnessing people dieing and others becoming environmental refugees. every day around the world. We are now living at a fork in the road of human history where we have the opportunity to evolve human activity in a way that supports sustaining life on earth into the future. If things continue as they are, the next generation may no longer have that opportunity. Those of you who have been paying attention,realize that the worlds ecosystems that together, support life on earth, are now in parrel. We are actually living at a pivital moment, we are fast approaching a tipping point in the sacred balance on earth. This is but a moment in the grand scale of time, but if we want humans to be part of that on-going time-line this moment requires us to make a dramatic and time sensitive transition to an Eco informed and inspired society. What's more is that we need to make that transistion within a generation. In the back of all our minds, we know... This is That Time.

" Make No Mistake - We are at a pivitol turning point in human history. There is no time to waste on our journey to a sustainable living.

It turns out this is our time. Our moment to shine. Our one opportunity to tranform our present and sustain our future. This is the time to embrace change in our thinking, in our hearts, in our homes and in our communities. This is when we need to focus all the knowledge, skills, innovative abilities, and courage, that got us this far in the human journey, on the task of surviving as a species. By combining our collective creativity with all the lessons we have learned, we can become the heros of the human story. Simply by choosing to live and work and play in ways that are conguent with nature, we have the opportunity not only to change the quality of life for ourselves and our families, but also to have an impact on the destiny of mankind.

If we act now with clear intentions to creativly solve the problems we face by working with nature, we might just have time to be able to ensure the potential of life on earth into the future. This is the time to be at our best. This is the time to "Be The Change" that the world needs. This is the time to make a lasting differance for you and for the world around you. The changes you make now, can tansform your life and your potential. " - Garnet McPherson - Earthworks Visioneer

" Creating intelligent communities inpired by natural systems."

Earthworks co-creates with nature for a better today and tommorow.

Take a look at some of the Sustainable Projects we have designed.